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Alake Shilling: The Hippiest Trip in America

Alake Shilling: The Hippiest Trip in America

$45.00    Member Price: $40.50

By Viola Angiolini, Alake Shilling, Kidogo K. Kennedy, Grant Levy-Lucero, Perwana Nazif and Laura Owens.

In the paintings and sculptures of Los Angeles–based artist Alake Shilling (born 1993), cutesy characters and plush creatures travel through a saturated world where disco and Lisa Frank aesthetics collide, often in a grassy knoll or ocean swell. Indeed, Shilling derives much inspiration from her childhood obsession with Frank and the design style of after-school crafts―imagery that connotes comfort and innocence. Unlike the works of Frank, however, Shilling’s painted characters contain imperfections, a sense of vulnerability and weariness that adults know all too well.

  • Pacific/Jeffrey Deitch, 2023
  • Hardcover with 127 pages
  • 8  x 10 inches

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