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Laura Owens

Laura Owens

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By Walead Beshty, Suzanne Hudson, Trinie Dalton, Mark Godrey and Rachel Kushner

Since first coming into prominence in the ’90s and early 2000s, Laura Owens’s work has offered a set of wholly new and critical ideas about painting. Propelled by the conviction that her work should prompt difficult questions about the nature of painting, Owens distinguishes her work by refusing to commit to one artistic identity.

From a consideration of the Owens’s varied use of line, the artist’s brilliant redefinition of painterly gesture, or her mining of visual contradictions, Owens’s formal and conceptual inventiveness is reviewed from multiple perspectives. Owens’s use of language—as a graphic element, as words to be read, or more broadly as a system of signification that she explores and ultimately upends—is attended to by Rachel Kushner and Linda Norden. Mark Godfrey traces the recent developments in the scope of Owens’s work from 2012 to now. 

Published by Skria Rizzoli, 2015
Hardcover with 272 pages
12 x 9 inches
This title is out of print
Condition: Very good

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