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Prime Timber 2mm Mechanical Pencil with Sharpener

Prime Timber 2mm Mechanical Pencil with Sharpener

$18.00    Member Price: $16.20

From Hightide

Penco and Kitaboshi Pencil Company have teamed up to develop a nostalgic yet sophisticated writing tool "for the grown ups." The pencil is crafted in Japan using a luxurious incense-cedar that is sustainably grown in the USA. The thick 2mm core is made from superior Japanese lead and binder that do not contain impurities. The wooden hexagonal body equipped with brass fittings provides you a balanced heft, where the periphery is heavier than its core. All of these factors combined achieves a smooth writing experience that is truly unique.

To sharpen your Prime Timber pencil with its attached sharpener, try moving the pencil back and forth instead of turning it, to follow its special blade mechanics

  • 2mm lead
  • Lead sharpener and one B lead included
  • Made in Japan

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