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888gg9: Big Hat

888gg9: Big Hat

$58.00    Member Price: $52.20

Handmade by 888gg9

888gg.9 is a clothing/accessories line with a focus on one off crochet work. Handmade in Los Angeles, by Minnesota native Gabrielle Kraus. With a curiosity in texture and shape, crochet allows of a crafty exploration along with an unexpected perspective of a medium most often associated with (for lack of a better word) your grandma! Big Hats are a playful introduction to a process which allows for a conscious consumption and a step towards slow fashion. Plus, it makes a fun little pillow poofie for when it’s not situated on your head.

  • 100% polyester - sourced second-hand
  • Approximately 22-inch circumference 
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, dry flat
  • If you see the end of the yarn pop out, that’s okay! It’s just the end of a tied knot ~ tuck it back in

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