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Doug Aitken: Works 1992-2022

Doug Aitken: Works 1992-2022

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By Doug Aitken

This comprehensive new book explores the career of multimedia artist Doug Aitken, following the path from his first major works in the late 1990s through to the present day. Aitken’s work encompasses large-scale film installations such as Sleepwalkers (2007), site-specific sculptures including his Underwater Pavilions (2016) installed off the coast of Catalina Island, California, and peripatetic happenings like Station to Station (2013), which saw a train containing a travelling studio cross the USA from the Atlantic to the Pacific, staging unique performance events at each stop. Weaving together images and text in an energetic composition of rhythm and movement, this authoritative volume mirrors the ways in which Aitken has approached and explored the contemporary world in his conceptual body of work across multiple mediums. 

Published by Mack Books, 2022
Hardcover with 608 pages
10 x 11 inches

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