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grantLOVE x Amber Sakai LOVE Candle Holder and Upland Candle

grantLOVE x Amber Sakai LOVE Candle Holder and Upland Candle

$175.00    Member Price: $157.50

grantLove x Amber Sakai

Equal parts harsh and majestic, California’s high sierra region inspires awe at every turn. Formed at a glacial pace over millions of years, its pristine vistas stand as a striking monument to the supreme power and beauty of nature. In the quiet solitude, we reflect and meditate, breathing in the cool mountain air, perfumed with the fresh, coniferous aroma of the jeffrey pine. On the breeze, the faintest hit of the bracing, herbaceous scent of juniper berry. Beneath your feet you feel the crunching of pine needles and broken twigs. The intoxicating aroma of damp earth and pinecones fills your lungs. Higher still, the great conifers begin to give way to sweet grass and wildflowers. They line the banks of glacial lakes—remarkably blue and impossibly still. Here, the scents possess an almost kaleidoscopic quality as they pull apart before snapping back together in infinite combinations.

The LOVE Candle Holder features Alexandra Grant’s iconic LOVE symbol and is paired with Amber Sakai Upland Candle.

Grant LOVE Candle Holder is 3 ¾ inches tall with 3 inch diameter, 24K gold-plated brass.

Amber Sakai Upland Candle is soy blend wax with 60 hour burn time
Pine, juniper, Vetiver, moss, Cedar, earthy notes

Developed in Grasse, France
Poured in California

The grantLOVE project will donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of LOVE Candle Holder to its arts and non-profit partners.

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