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SS African Mercury #1

SS African Mercury #1

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SS African Mercury (SSAM) is a New York-based print journal that will appear twice a year. They publish reviews of books, essays on miscellaneous topics and occasional interviews.

SSAM was launched in a spirit of schism. It addresses a readership that does not yet exist and so seeks to interpellate its readers into a new politico-intellectual fellowship. Its criticism appeals to the intellect alone. Today some will find the prevailing intellectual level in academia and the political scene—from Left to Right—revoltingly low. SSAM raises a banner and hopes those who feel this way will gather round.

Issue #1 features drawings by Max Hooper Schneider.
  • SSAM, 2024
  • Softcover, 117 pages
  • B/W throughout
  • 8 x 12 inches

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