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Cady Noland: The Clip-On Method

Cady Noland: The Clip-On Method

$115.00    Member Price: $103.50

Edited by Cady Noland, Rhea Anastas, and Robert Snowden

A two-volume artist’s book highlighting the sculptor’s protracted career and stringent works.

Designed by American conceptual sculptor Cady Noland (born 1956), The Clip-On Method’s two volumes can be picked up and read in any order: back to front, front to back, or started in the middle. Readers take it upon themselves to weave their way through Noland’s tangled oeuvre.

The Clip-On Method contains writing by Cady Noland, sociological essays selected by the artist, and a considerable amount of exhibition photography from the 1980s to the present.

  • Walther Konig, 2024
  • Softcover, 290 pages (B&W and 1 color page) 
  • Softcover, 306 pages (B&W and 8 color pages)
  • 9 x 11 inches

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