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Edited by Larry Warsh

The work of renowned contemporary artist Daniel Arsham blurs the lines between art, architecture, archeology, and design. In his distinctive style, he takes ancient art works and objects from twentieth-century pop culture and casts sculptures of them in geological materials such as quartz or volcanic ash, colliding past, present, and future in haunted yet playful visions that prompt viewers to question their everyday surroundings. Gathered from interviews and other sources, Arsham-isms is a collection of lively, thought-provoking, and memorable quotations from this exciting young creative talent on a wide range of subjects―including art, architecture, film, design, pop culture, the art world, and what it means to be a globally recognized artist today.

Select quotations from the book:
“Art needs to be a little dangerous.”
“You don’t have to own the thing to be part of it.”
“This work for me is not about progress. It is about destruction and growth and where they are able to meet in the middle.”

  • Princeton University Press, 2021
  • Hardcover, 152 pages
  • 4 x 5 inches

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