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Desperately Seeking Warhol

Desperately Seeking Warhol

$19.95    Member Price: $17.96

By Ian Castello-Cortes

For someone who traveled as much as he did, it is a marvel that Andy Warhol had time to make art. Desperately Seeking Warhol traces the artist’s movements around the globe from international cultural hotspots like New York, Paris and Rome to lower-profile burgs such as Carbondale and Montauk – more well known now, partially as a result of Warhol’s involvement. Relentless in the pursuit of new avenues to create and sell his work, Warhol set up shop in a dizzying variety of locales, working for and with other artists, musicians, controversial world leaders and more. Manhattan features heavily, with detailed maps exploring Warhol’s favorite hangouts across multiple decades. The maps and location profiles here form a fascinating picture of a larger-than-life cultural icon whose energy few have been able to match since.

  • Gingko Press Inc., 2020
  • Hardcover, 112 pages
  • 5 x 7 inches

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