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The God in Hackney: The World in Air Quotes LP

The God in Hackney: The World in Air Quotes LP

$19.99    Member Price: $17.99

This is the 12" vinyl LP version of The God in Hackney's third album. Pressed on baby-blue colored vinyl with a full-color inner sleeve and cover artwork by Tala Madani.

The God in Hackney's album resonates with the anxieties of the moment—feelings about ecology, isolation, extinction, technology, the flattening of history, the sclerotic grip of a culture mired in quote, reference and deflated imagination.

It's the sound of Peter Gabriel’s corpse being cannibalized by Sergio Leone after a bad accident instigated by well-meaning but hubristic scientists. It's big-band brass drum & bass recorded inside Captain Beefheart’s mung bean. It's cosmic shanties and jazz-funk road-trip music, it's post-punk, dub, and genre-transcendent pop for all tomorrow's wobblies. It's your last and first nocturnal dream show.

It’s a way to find a little light in the dark, a surreal comedy amidst the dread. An attempt to climb out of the hole.

  • Junior Aspirin Records, 2023
  • 12" baby-blue vinyl LP

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