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Skull Chalice Candle in Blue Jean Fade

Skull Chalice Candle in Blue Jean Fade

$140.00    Member Price: $126.00

Dungeon Goods specializes in spooky ceramics and fragrances. Handcrafted in LA - olfactory by Darcy Haylor, sculptures by Alex Emmons.

Captivated by medieval weaponry and lo-fi video game graphics, Dungeon Goods crafts unique “active sculptures” by marrying scent and objects. Both candles and vessels are influenced by occultism, ceremonial objects, and their haunted landscapes. 

Scent: Sodden Brick
Notes: Mushroom, Wet Soil, Musty Basement Brick, Green Milky Ivy Leaves, Warm Woods

Recommended to place the candle on a tray or plate to protect the surface you burn it on.


  • Clay, Black Mountain Stoneware
  • Paraffin wax
  • 3 x 6 inches

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