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Alice Aycock: Sculpture and Projects

Alice Aycock: Sculpture and Projects

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By Robert Hobbs

A long-overdue monograph on a sculptor who draws not only on minimalism and conceptualism but on a rich web of intellectual and visual sources to create postmodern work that is a "complex" of juxtapositions.

Alice Aycock's large, semi-architectural works deal with the interaction of structure, site, materials, and the psychophysical responses of the viewer. Offered meaningful but contradictory clues by both her images and her texts, viewers attempt to discover not only what the work of art conveys but how it communicates its contents, in investigations that parallel the artist's own. In Alice Aycock: Sculpture and Projects, Robert Hobbs examines the development of Aycock's work over twenty years and her negotiation—along with other artists who came of age in the early 1970s—of the transition from modernism to postmodernism. 

Published by MIT Press, 2005
Hardcover with 400 pages
11 x 9 inches

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