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50 Feminist Art Manifestos

50 Feminist Art Manifestos

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Edited by Katy Deepwell

This anthology contains the original manifestos of 50 women artists/feminist groups/feminist protests. 

What is a manifesto? A political program, a declaration, a definitive statement of belief. Neither institutional mission statement, nor religious dogma; neither a poem nor a book. As a form of literature, manifestos occupy a specific place in the history of public discourse as a means to communicate radical ideas. Distributed as often ephemeral documents, as leaflets or pamphlets in political campaigns or as announcements of the formation of new parties or new avant-gardes, manifestos above all declare what its authors are for and against, and ask people who read them to join them, to understand, to share these ideas.

  • KT Press, 2022
  • Paperback, 168 pages
  • 8 x 6 inches

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