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Ugo Rondinone: Life Time

Ugo Rondinone: Life Time

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By Matthias Ulrich, Dominic Eichler

Ugo Rondinone (1964) adds a poetic dimension to everyday objects and phenomena. In typically Minimalistic arrangements, he puts a tree, a clock, the sun, or a rainbow in new contexts by means of repetition, isolation, or reduction, creating atmospheric ambiences. The SCHIRN has dedicated a large survey exhibition to Rondinone that showcases key paintings, sculptures, and video works by the renowned Swiss artist. Devised specifically for the SCHIRN, the installation extends along the entire length of the gallery and into the Rotunda. The exhibition and the book Life Time combine fundamental themes that have shaped the work of the conceptual and installation artist for the past thirty years: time and transience, day and night, reality and fiction, nature and culture. Rondinone has repeatedly referred to the iconography of Romanticism in his works and used quotes from literature and pop culture. The starting point of his multimedia oeuvre is the transformation of the outside world into a subjective, emotional inner world. He develops experiential spaces in which the viewer actually becomes part of the installations and their immersive structures.

Published by‎ Snoeck Publishing Company, 2021
Paperback with 304 pages
Dimensions: 11 ½ x 8 ½ inches (29.21 x 21.59)

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