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Golden Hour Hydrosol Spray - Cistus & Sage

Golden Hour Hydrosol Spray - Cistus & Sage

$15.00 $20.00    Member Price: $13.50

Spray this deeply warm and animalic blend of Cistus, Sage, and Rose all over, all the time. Use morning and evening to naturally tone skin—or as a catalyst for introspection. This seasonal harvest is only available as supplies last.

Smells like wandering in the coastal hillsides of warming chaparral and oceanic fog.

How to Use:
Spray on your skin morning and evening before moisturizing as a natural toner. Spritz the air around you for an introspective aromatherapy experience. Mist on skin and fabric during intimate moments.


Ingredients: Cistus Ladaniferus (Labdanum) Hydrolate, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Hydrolate, Organic Salvia Officinalis (Golden Sage) Hydrolate

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