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USB Lighter in Sky Blue

USB Lighter in Sky Blue

$33.75 $45.00    Member Price: $30.38

From USB Lighter Co.

Experience the Molti Arc Lighter, your eco-friendly, windproof electric lighter with flameless plasma arc technology. Ideal for any lighting need; from candles to outdoor fireplaces, it’s USB rechargeable, offering 1,000 lights per charge. Features a unique built-in LED flashlight, ensuring visibility in the dark spaces or during emergencies. Designed for ergonomic ease of use and safety, it’s constructed with biodegradable ABS plastic, has a child-safe ON-OFF switch, and auto power-off after 10 seconds.

  • On/Off switch for improved child safety
  • Up to 1000 lights per charge
  • Multi-light battery indicator
  • Features a high-powered LED flashlight
  • ABS plastic
  • 9.1 x 1.18 x .75 inches
  • Comes with charging cable

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