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Rodney McMillian History is Present Tense

Rodney McMillian History is Present Tense

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Text by Heather Pesanti, Julia V. Hendrickson, Adrienne Edwards, Bennett Simpson, Cherise Smith

Blending the personal with the political, Los Angeles–based artist Rodney McMillian (born 1969) has worked in a range of mediums and materials, including sculpture, painting, video, performance and immersive environments, to explore themes of class, gender, race, social history and culture. His work frequently incorporates “post-consumer” and found objects as well as techniques of interactivity and performativity.

This volume surveys McMillian’s performance-based work to date and documents the artist’s new site-specific project for The Contemporary Austin. McMillian, inaugural recipient of the Suzanne Deal Booth Art Prize, has been invited to work in The Contemporary Austin’s downtown site, the Jones Center on Congress Avenue, taking over the entire space physically and psychologically inverting viewer assumptions with entire floors transformed into immersive spaces of sound, video and color.

Published by Radius Books, 2018
Hardcover , 372 pages with 280 color
Dimensions: 10 3/4 x 9 inches (27.30 x 22.86 cm)


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