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Jackson Pollock: Puzzle (Convergence)

Jackson Pollock: Puzzle (Convergence)

$22.95    Member Price: $20.66

In 1947, Jackson Pollock arrived at the drip and splash style with which he is most often associated. Affixing canvases to a wall, the floor, or the ground if painting outdoors, Pollock dripped and poured commercial house paint from cans and arranged it using “sticks, trowels, or knives,” sometimes augmenting it with sand, broken glass, or “foreign matter,” as Pollock stated it. He placed great importance on being able to walk around such paintings and work on them from all four sides. In 1964, Springbok Editions issued Convergence as a 340-piece jigsaw that was touted as “the world’s most difficult puzzle.” With this 1,000-piece reemergence of Convergence, Pomegranate just about triples the challenge. Best of luck to all aspiring solvers!

  • Pomegranate and Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 2010
  • High-quality 250-GSM matte art paper for superior color, crisp details, and no glare
  • Ribbon-cut thick board for snug fit and minimal dust
  • Produced using thick recycled paper board
  • Box size: 13 x 10 x 2 inches
  • Complete puzzle: 29 x 20 inches

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