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Subliming Vessel: The Drawings of Matthew Barney

Subliming Vessel: The Drawings of Matthew Barney

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Essay by curator Klaus Kertess, who considers the many themes the artist draws from, the book includes a poetic contribution by artist Roni Horn and an insightful text by Adam Phillips,a noted psychoanalyst.

In this exhibition and accompanying catalogue, one hundred of the artist’s most important drawings are presented from his major series of works—including “The Cremaster Cycle,” “The Drawing Restraint” series, and most notably “Ancient Evenings,” the body of work that has occupied the artist in the last few years (and is based on Norman Mailer’s ancient Egyptian-inspired novel of the same name). This exhibition and catalogue also represent a unique collaboration between the artist and the august Morgan Library, in which he was invited by the institution to mine their extensive holdings in order to include objects (drawings, manuscripts, etc.) in the installation of his work, to create an interesting framework around the many ideas the artist is exploring.

Published by Skira Rizzoli 2013
Hardcover: 244 pages
Dimensions: 9 x 11 1/2 inches
Out of Print
Condition: New


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