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Maison 203: Yellow Tribu Wide Bracelet

Maison 203: Yellow Tribu Wide Bracelet

$60.00 $139.00    Member Price: $54.00

Dramatic and elegant at any angle, make a bold statement with the Tribu Bracelet by Maison 203.

Maison 203 jewels and fashion accessories are recognizable by their strong personality and strong aesthetic impact, inspired by suggestions from geometry or nature, or linked to the languages of architecture and contemporary graphics. Voluminous and decorative shapes, or elegant and minimal shapes which, thanks to the realization through 3D printing, are extremely light and flexible. The collections of the brand are the result of the continuous contamination of ideas between Orlando, Lucia and the designers called upon to collaborate: emerging studios, or established professionals in the panorama of Italian design, employed in very different design fields and for this reason able to donate to jewels and to the accessories of Maison 203 always new formulas of beauty and meanings.

Each accessory, made by 3D printing, involves a composite craftsmanship, which includes the manual sandblasting of each piece, subsequently dyed and hand painted, and finally finished and assembled, always by hand.

3D printed nylon
Made in Italy

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