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Rachel Lachowicz

Rachel Lachowicz

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By George Melrod, Amelia Jones, Jillian Hernandez and Rachel Lachowicz

Los Angeles–based conceptual artist Rachel Lachowicz (born 1964) is known for turning her acerbically witty eye on the decidedly male realm of modernism, and for making radical incursions into the art-historical canon by reconfiguring certain of its key works. A mid-career survey as well as comprehensive monograph, Rachel Lachowicz presents an overview of 20 years’ worth of art-making. Labeled a “lipstick feminist” by the art world--she once recast Yves Klein’s “Blue Venus” in cherry-red lipstick, and frequently uses cosmetics in her work--Lachowicz’s art falls under many headings: appropriationist, conceptual, feminist, postminimalist. Her work is always visually lush and often sexually provocative; through it, she explores the crisscrossing relations between identity and the politics of mark-making.

Published by Marquand Books, 2013
Hardcover, 128 pages, 116 images in color
Dimensions: 11 1/2 x 10 1/4 inches (29.21 x 26.03 cm)
This book is out of print
Condition: still in original shrink wrap

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