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Livaison 4: Open Landscapes Closed Rooms

Livaison 4: Open Landscapes Closed Rooms

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Lisvaison is an independent publisher operating from the offices of art direction agency Sandberg&Timonen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Divided into a magazine and a book publishing branch, Lisvaison embrace unapologetic artistic point of views that challenge the clear-cut boundary between commerce and high art.  Approaching publishing with the uncompromisingly raw edge of fanzine culture, our main focus is projects and processes rather than established auteurs and icons.

For Lisvaison 4 the editors of Livaison asked a selection of people they admire to explore private spaces, places of memory and topographies of the mind photographically and philosophically.

Published by Livaison, 2010
Hardcover with 438 pages
13 x 9 1/4 inches
Edition 2000
This title is out of print
Condition: Like new


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