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Max Hooper Schneider: World Without End

Max Hooper Schneider: World Without End

$185.00    Member Price: $166.50

Artwork by Max Hooper Schneider

A wearable art edition produced on the occasion of Max Hooper Schneider: World Without End, MOCA 2024 Gala, April 13, 2024. Proceeds from this work support MOCA’s exhibitions and education programming.

Conceived and crafted in Los Angeles, this garment combines the vibrant hues of tie dye, the intricate detailing of direct-to-garment printing, and the timeless appeal of classic silk-screening techniques.

Hooper Schneider’s special project for MOCA is an expansion of his ongoing exploration into habitat creation and material experimentation. The result is World Without End, a radically hopeful, speculative artwork that foregrounds the wonder and enchantment of a non-dystopian world evolving out of the existential threats of climate crisis and oceanic flux. In Hooper Schneider’s world, death is nonexistent – all matter, human and nonhuman, is in a state of constant transformation: evolving, mutating, changing, but never dying. Even in the face of global mourning, life in its glorious heterogeneity will persist.

“If we depose the human being from its ideological position of sovereignty over the earth, and the correlated faith in a human ability to impose its will and triumph over all of the problems humans have created; and if, in addition, we recognize the overwhelming preponderance of non-human agents, then whether humans survive or survive in mutated form or become extinct, are not the most significant concerns in terms of extinction and survival. Humans are the minority species and while we know they have contributed massively to the endangerment and extinction of other species as well as themselves, other issues receive less attention: e.g., if humans vanished from the planet, which species would vanish with them as a direct result of their disappearance rather than due to the same climate crisis? Humans who are presently worried about their survival tend to see their extinction as more catastrophic than that of any other species, failing to understand, among other things, the interconnectedness of their own existences with that of the Amazonian forest or coral reefs or bat caves in which exotic zoonotic pathogens breed. I cannot see this changing. Moreover, I do not see the disappearance of humans from the planet as the most critical species-event to come and in fact can imagine a more flourishing planet without them.”
–Max Hooper Schneider

Please note: Each shirt is a unique work of wearable art, with intentional variations and blemishes inherent to its organic nature, celebrating the distinctiveness of each individual garment through multiple printing methods.

Recommended Care: Hand wash in cold water. Hang or line dry only.

  • MOCA, 2024
  • Tie dye, direct-to-garment printing, and silk-screen on fabric
  • 100% cotton, unisex heavyweight long-sleeve shirt
  • Edition of 113 with 7 artist proofs
  • Signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Printed in Los Angeles by Moment Screen Printing
  • All sales final

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