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Destroy All Monsters Double Sextet Record LP

Destroy All Monsters Double Sextet Record LP

$18.00    Member Price: $16.20

Recorded in Ann Arbor in 1975, this long lost Destroy All Monsters gem features the group as a Sextet (Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Cary Loren, Jeff Fields, Kalle Nemvalts, and John Reed). Missing are the lovely lyrics and goth scrawl of Niagara but in her place we see the collective brainstorm through 30 minutes of an underground music/non-music and B-culture genealogy that is unmistakably Destroy All Monsters. A melted mind, reconstructed with duct-tape, bent circuits, saxophone drips, and fuzz that will lead you into dark corners with bright futures. DOUBLE SEXTET was lost for 35 years; witness the (re)birth with this incredible LP.

2-track 12-inch record with cover art designed by Mike Kelley and Cary Loren.

Published by Printed Matter Inc, 2009
Standard record size

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