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Raymond Pettibon: Red Tide Rising (DVD)

Raymond Pettibon: Red Tide Rising (DVD)

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Red Tide Rising: Venice & Mars (2001) is a two-disc set that deals with the life of Jim Morrison.


"... many of Raymond Pettibon's earliest supporters were artists. Some people liked Raymond because they considered him a guy who didn't kiss the butt of the art world. Others thought he represented punk, or blue-collar Conceptualism or D.I.Y. What interested me about him was how he constructed things - like Lautrèamont, who's my favorite writer - with all these different sources juggled and combined into something particular. Raymond had that definite auteur look, which was faux-romantic, faux-Gothic, very Tennessee Williams, very foppishly funny." - Mike Kelley, The New York Times Magazine.

Best known for his iconic album covers and zine-style ink drawings featuring surfers, old-time baseball players, gangsters, religious nuts, trains, Gumby and the character Vavoom from the old Felix the Cat cartoon, Pettibon is also the author of a series of super-low-fi home videos, made with his friends beginning in the 1980s. Starring the very artists and musicians who supported Pettibon from the start.

Format: NTSC
Language: English
Number of discs: 2
Studio: Regen Projects, Los Angeles
Run Time: 204 minutes  

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