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Hyungi 04 Hanok Incense Cones

Hyungi 04 Hanok Incense Cones

$40.00    Member Price: $36.00

By Hyungi

Hyungi incense is clean, natural, and made with intention by hand. They aspire to make things by thoroughly researching traditional methods and history while striving to reach modern innovations within incense.

Incense in Asia was commonly used for rituals and fragrance — a precursor to perfume. Other uses included measuring time, repelling insects, and as a preservative for medicine.

This handmade incense is crafted from ethically sourced and organic woods, herbs, resins, and oils. The Hyungi studio is based in Los Angeles, CA where they also teach incense-making workshops.
  • Scent notes: cypress, oak, amber, black pepper
  • 10 handmade incense cones
  • Organic and ethically sourced 

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