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Green Gold: An Ancestral Plant Spirit Oracle Deck

Green Gold: An Ancestral Plant Spirit Oracle Deck

$48.00    Member Price: $43.20

From Botánica Cimarrón

The Green Gold Ancestral Plant Spirit Oracle is a 68 card deck and guidebook connecting you with diasporic contemporary guidance rooted within the ancient wisdom of our oldest ancestors on earth — plants!

The reverence of nature as our original family is the heart of indigenous traditions. But this experience of connection can be hard to access in the modern world without the right tools. With Green Gold as your guide, enter an enchanting portal for accessing divine knowledge that can unlock your timeless memories ripe with creative solutions for transforming your reality.

Crafted over the course of five years, the oracle is channeled along with The Cosmic Wheel — a unique system blending the ancient technologies of the Bakongo cosmogram and the Taino medicine wheel from a botanical perspective. Each card poetically portrays a sacred plant ally while the guidebook illuminates the corresponding ancestral archetype, astrological ruler, land of origin, place within the cosmic wheel, and ritual affirmation for co-creating with the living world.

  • Botánica Cimarrón, 2022
  • 68 card deck and guidebook
  • 3.3 x 5.3 inches
  • Made in Los Angeles

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