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Jennifer Guidi: Heliocentric

Jennifer Guidi: Heliocentric

$50.00    Member Price: $45.00

By Stuart Krimko.

Jennifer Guidi's "sand paintings" mix oil paint with sand to create surfaces of color and texture. Evolving from her earlier figurative works, these abstract sand paintings evoke the traditions of landscape and naturalist painting. Accomplished by applying a thick layer of sand to the painted ground and then making precise marks while the sand is still wet, the paintings' luminous qualities and their textured relief register and generate minute shifts in perception, creating their own sense of ambient light. These physical and tactile emanations are based on her observations of light in Los Angeles, where she lives and works, and where hazy skies caused by the atmospheric conditions of the West Coast, as well as the city's man-made pollution, make for extra-brilliant sunsets.

  • Gagosian / Rizzoli, 2019
  • Softcover with 72 pages
  • 9 x 11 inches

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