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Jeff Koons: Balloon Dog in Orange

Jeff Koons: Balloon Dog in Orange

$9,000.00    Member Price: $8,100.00

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Balloon Dog (Orange) is the latest edition to a series of limited edition artworks by ©Jeff Koons, referencing his iconic, monumental sculpture of the same name from his highly acclaimed Celebration Series.   All net proceeds will benefit MOCA.

Born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania, ©Jeff Koons is without question one the most important living artists. He is among the few who successfully extract the essentials from avant-gardism, most notably Pop Art.  In his hands even the most familiar, everyday items transcend commonality to become true icons that manifest the essence of American popular culture.

"Balloon Dog is a very optimistic piece, its a balloon that a clown would have maybe twist for you at a birthday party.  But at the same time there's the profoundness of an archaic sculpture.  The piece has an interior life while the reflective exterior surface affirms the viewer through their reflection.  The porcelain only accentuates the sexuality of the piece.  For Balloon Dog (Magenta), it's been a pleasure working with Bernardaud, who proudly work with only the finest materials, innovative processes, and artisan talent.  Their experience in porcelain dates back 150 years.  Since the creation of Balloon Dog (Red),  Balloon Dog (Blue) and Balloon Dog (Yellow), The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, has been involved in the distribution of the editions so I'm pleased to partner with MOCA to be supportive of their endeavors."  Jeff Koons

Edition: 2,300
Date: 2015
Signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity (signature and edition number are fired onto the back of edition)
Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 5"
Material: Porcelain
©Jeff Koons
Produced by Bernardaud in Limoges, France

This edition is sold as non-returnable.

Customer will be responsible for VAT fees, when applicable, upon arrival.

All transactions will be made in U.S dollars.  MOCA is not responsible for currency fluctuations.

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