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Kehinde Wiley Red Sword Playing Cards

Kehinde Wiley Red Sword Playing Cards

$30.00    Member Price: $27.00

This deck of playing cards features Yachinboaz Ben Yisrael II, 2021, by Kehinde Wiley. The painting takes its inspiration from European art history and portrait traditions. The subject, holding a golden-sheathed sword, adopts the same stoic pose as many historic European monarchs did in their court portraits. Rather than elaborate robes or furs that would be typical of someone maintaining this stance, Wiley's sitter is dressed in a vibrant red crewneck, jeans and Nike sneakers.

54 playing cards
Linen embossed finish

Net proceeds from your purchase supports Black Rock, Wiley's artist in residence program in Dakar, Sénégal.

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