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Tauba Auerbach: One Deck of Playing Cards

Tauba Auerbach: One Deck of Playing Cards

$200.00    Member Price: $180.00

Functions Deck (green box) uses basic math functions, + - x ÷ as the suits. the face cards are platonic solids and jokers are ≠ and ∞. 

Shapes Deck (white box) uses four geometric shapes as suits, representing the original suits
in a abstract way.

Decks come with an informational fold out and are encased in a hand numbered, blind-de-bossed, linen slide box with ribbon lift and pull-tab.

Each of the two decks is produced in an edition of 250. Dimensions: 2.75 x 3.75 x 1 in.

Artist Tauba Auerbach has designed a series of playing cards which builds on her 50/50 work, an exploration of opposites and language. 50/50 culminated in a book published by Deitch Projects in 2009 titled 50/50, 100 pages 100 patterns, 50% white, 50% black.

Produced in 2009



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