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Public Fiction: The Stand In (or A Glass of Milk)

Public Fiction: The Stand In (or A Glass of Milk)

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The Stand In (or A Glass of Milk) is an exhibition whose arrangement is unstable, whose parts accumulate and change over time. An exhibition, like a surrealist exercise; non-linear, non-narrative, symbolic and referential. During three months, in three configurations, we involved artists whose work mirrors these ideas. Artists who flex material and content to stand in for something else: a still life for a portrait, a film for a performance, a performance for a painting, a painting for a sculpture, a sculpture for a photo. A presentation, in iterations, within which we play with the promise that the exhibition is a medium in itself- each phase is announced by a writer's text. Each title is an anagram.

Published, 2013_120 pages_6x8.5x.75"_9.6oz.

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