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Public Fiction: Issue #4

Public Fiction: Issue #4

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The Los Issue is the catalogue for Lost (in L.A.), and exhibition by Marc-Olivier Whaler. This catalogue is a fiction, a story, using narrative devices to reflect the topics addressed by the exhibition in space. It collides works from local and foreign artists, using L.A. as stage, as set and as prop. The book, like the show, is a mirror. DISCLAIMER: This is not a catalogue in the way you expect.

THE LOST EXHIBITION, Curated by Marc-Olivier Whaler

This catalogue unfolds in four parts, each one is introduced by a 'mirror interlude,' creating a loop of sorts through characters and conversations. This issue will use devices of theater & cinematics to construct a narrative structure. It will play on the television trope of subverting the time-space continuum of it's characters, and by default of its audience. This is you. 

INCLUDES: Stephan Balkenhol | Michel Blazy | Andre Breton | Valentin Carron | Guy de Cointet | Philippe Decrauzat | Bertrand Dezouteux | Daniel Dewar & Gregory Gicquel | Vincent Ganivet | Camille Henrot | Thomas Hirschhorn | Fabrice Hyber | Nathan Hylden | Mike Kelley | Robert Kinmont | Vincent Lamouroux | Laurent Le Denuff | Rene Magritte | Man Ray | Tony Matelli | Philippe Mayaux | Mathieu Mercier | Laurent Montaron | Julien Previeux | Jim Shaw | Alexandre Singh | Tatiana Trouve | Oscar Tuazon | Jean-Luc Verna | Robert Watts | Marnie Weber | INDEX OF THE LOST (IN L.A.) ARTISTS BY: Yann Perreau | ADDITIONAL WORK CURATED BY PUBLIC FICTION: Lucas Blalock | Scott Benzel | Talia Chetrit | Jibade-Khalil Huffman | Alex Israel | Emily Mast | Sara Rara | Daniel Small | David Strick | L.A. AS SET, STAGE, AND PROP NARRATED BY: Andrew Berardini WITH SET DIRECTIONS BY William Leavitt 

Published, 2012_112 pages_7x11.5"_10oz.


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