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Public Fiction: Issue #3

Public Fiction: Issue #3

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"This is going to be a little different. Whereas the other issues (1-2) came out of exhibitions, this one comes out during. While the others had the advantage of hindsight, this one has the urgency of a deadline (the short window of time that the show is up). If previous issues have been ephemera, this one is a survey.

On the occasion of the AV Club curated by Mike Diamond at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary, Public Fiction was asked to create an installation, events and a publication within the museum. The prompt was to make a place for people to hang out, situations for which they would come, and a publication to give it substance. And so, staying true to our model of erecting churches, inaugurating hotels and fictional space of all kinds, we opened a club; an artist club, a social club, a night club, all within two rooms of the museum. An unlikely and very public venue. 

This journal is an issue in 3 parts: the first about the walls that make a club, the second about the people who stand between them, and the third about clubs without walls, based on affinities or understandings. Our club is inclusive. No, wait, it's exclusive. Maybe it's both. Join." -Lauren Mackler

CONTRIBUTIONS BY: Andrew Berardini | Jessica Ciocci | Peter Coffin | Sara Clendening | Victoria Dailey | Jeffrey Deitch | Travis Diehl | Cayetano Ferrer | Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe | Liz Glynn | Samara Golden | Ben Jones | Sanya Kantarovsky | Adam Marnie | Miles Martinez | Dave Muller | Richard Newton | Night Gallery | Pep Talk | Alex Pelly | Anton Perse | Lane Relyea |Miko Revereza | Jason Rhoades | Spencer Sweeney | The Fell-Apart Team: Jan Tumlir & Brian Todd-Mann | Wendy Yao | WITH A POSTER INSERT BY: Laura Owens

published, 2012_50 pages_7.25x11.25"_10oz.

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