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Public Fiction: Issue #2

Public Fiction: Issue #2

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"Public Fiction is a quarterly based in LA and with LA as it's subject. Each issue takes a different form and a different topic.


Inspired by artist-made print ephemera such as Wallace Berman's SEMINA, Tom Maroni's VISIONS, REAL LIFE MAGAZINE, ASPEN, and AVALANCHE, Public Fiction doesn't aim to document things that have happened, but rather to make a new print form for them. A snap shot, a ticket stub, paper trail...

This one is about the promise of the West, the Gold Rush, the impulse to Manifest Destiny... Over time, the materials may change but the impulse remains the same: replace gold with citrus, celebrity, space, light, and freedom. The move West stands for ambition, an urgency to go further, make bigger, be alone against the world. 

This one starts out with promises that construct the myth of California: the icons and the landmarks. The glamour solidified in cement on the ground. But if this issue begins with the metaphor of going West, it is actually about staying. It's about the transformation of ambition into ennui, the promiscuity and performance of a lifestyle, the proximity to danger - imagined or real. 

It's about crying hard in a car stuck in traffic where no one can reach you, but people can see you. 

It's unsentimental behind a tinsel of sentimentality. 

Or is that just an exaggeration? A Hollywood ending to a plot that doesn't need to climax because it continues to unspool seamlessly like the seasons - you mistake January for June - and the next thing you know you've driven all the way to the coast and past the coast and into the ocean. ..." -Lauren Mackler

WITH: Lisa Anne Auerbach | Scott Benzel | Andrew Berardini | Jessica Ciocci | Zoe Crosher | Victoria Dailey | Trinnie Dalton | Cali Dewitt | Michael Dopp | Heidi El Kholti | Helga Fassonaki | Shannon Flaherty | Matt Fishbeck | Eve Fowler | Paul Gellman | David Hendren | Patrick Jackson | Dawn Kasper | Brian Kennon | Annie Lapin | Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer | Anthony Lepore | Cybele Lyle | Christopher Michlig | Joel Kyack | Davida Nemeroff | Alee Peoples | Gala Porras-Kim | Ry Rocklen | Amanda Ross-Ho | Allison Schulnick | Kate Wolf | Bobbi Woods | Eric Yahnker | POSTER INSERT: Allen Ruppersberg | NEWSPRINT INSERT CURATED BY: Workspace, Featuring Alexis Disselkoen / Mal Idea

Published, 2012_65 pages_9.25x13.25"_6oz.

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