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Public Fiction: Issue #1

Public Fiction: Issue #1

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"Public Fiction is a quarterly based in LA and with LA as it's subject. Each issue takes a different form and a different topic.


Inspired by artist-made print ephemera such as Wallace Berman's SEMINA, Tom Maroni's VISIONS, REAL LIFE MAGAZINE, ASPEN, and AVALANCHE, Public Fiction doesn't aim to document things that have happened, but rather to make a new print form for them. A snap shot, a ticket stub, paper trail...

Public Fiction takes form in print and space. In physical space, PF gives a site to experiment with the topic at hand in real-time. It also allows the city of Los Angeles to become the platform, the place where all this is happening or where it could. LA is hardly a neutral environment. As a fantasy and as a real place, it exerts a powerful pull on the imagination. It's the promised 'land of dreams,' the unclaimed West. It is decaying glamour, mysterious, magical, strange, artificial and beautiful. It's failed and it's temporary. Everything here seems on the verge of ending (earthquakes, raptures, a failed economy) or beginning." -Lauren Mackler

WITH: Claire Cronin | Maja D'Aoust | Trinie Dalton | Sophia Dixon Frydman | Diva Dompe | Jesse Fleming | Corey Fogel | Chiara Giovando | Liz Glynn | Maureen Keaveny | David Korty | Chris Kraus | Chris Lipomi | Lucky Dragons | Jason Manley | Davida Nemeroff | Alison O'Daniel | Adam Overton | Owl Eyes | Michael Parker | Erin Perry | Ron Rege Jr. | Mark A. Rodriguez | Tanya Rubbak | Asha Schechter | Margaret Wappler

Published, 2011_64 pages_8x10"_3oz.

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