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Mira Schendel Monotypes

Mira Schendel Monotypes

$175.00    Member Price: $157.50

By Taisa Palhares

Brazilian artist Mira Schendel (1919 1988) is one of Latin Americas most significant and prolific postwar artists whose paintings, drawings and sculptures address themes of existence, language and meaning.  Accompanying her 2015 London exhibition of monotypes, this substantial and elegant exhibition catalog includes almost 200 color reproductions of these delicat works printed on rice paper.

Published by Snoeck in conjuntion with Hauser & Wirth, 2015
Softcover, 431 pages
Dimensions: 9.45 x 1.18 x 11.81
This catalog is out of print
Condition:  Excellent, clean flat copy

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