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Little Pelle Pony

Little Pelle Pony

$45.00    Member Price: $40.50

Snuggle up with Pelle Pony.

Danish designer Lotte Fynboe founded OYOY Living Design in 2012 and OYOY MINI in 2014. Influenced by traditional Scandinavian design, OYOY products are redesigns of Fynboe's childhood memories. Based on these memories, unique products are created focusing on form and shape meeting functionally with sweet and playful color designs.

The name and brand are inspired by the OY letters. Since 1929, the OY letters have been the signature on all Danish airplanes, marking a sense of belonging to Denmark wherever the planes may land. OYOY Living Design and OYOY MINI are proud of their roots and use OY to indicate their Danish heritage - designed in Denmark for the world.

8 x 9 1/2 inches
100% cotton with soft fiber filling

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