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J Schatz: Egg Bird House

J Schatz: Egg Bird House

$116.25    Member Price: $104.63

Give birds a place to hatch their young with the colorful and durable handcrafted stoneware Egg Bird House. The 1 1/8" diameter entry hole will attract chickadees, wrens, and smaller birds, keeping house sparrows out. 

The Egg Bird House has a 2" diameter clean out hole with an aluminum bottom that is easily removed for quick clean out. The aluminum bottom has four ventilation/drainage holes that provide birds fresh air and keep them dry


  • Dimensions: 8" High x 6" Wide
  • Handcrafted Glossy Stoneware Egg
  • Vinyl Coated Hanging Wire sealed at the Egg Bird House entry with a rubber grommet and washer
  • One Aluminum Perch sealed with a clear nylon hole protector
  • Custom Spun Aluminum Bottom with Four Ventilation/Drainage Holes secured in bottom of Egg Bird House with an Aluminum Pole and Connecting Pin

Was $155, now $116.25!


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