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In Absentia: Reflections on the Pandemic

In Absentia: Reflections on the Pandemic


Written during the early weeks of the Novel Coronavirus’s outbreak in North America, the poems of In Absentia document cultures on the cusp of devastation.

This anthology captures the fear, the grief, the defiance, and the hope of that first wave. In years to come, memories may compress and historians may simplify the pandemic into one disaster, one through line, one actuarial curve. These poems stand as a refutation of monolith.

Poems selected and edited by Nkosi Nkululeko, Emily O’Neill, and April Ranger.
Published by Bicycle Comics, 2020
Printed in USA. Designed in San Francisco
Paperback, 68 pages
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.3 inches

Includes new poems by sam sax, Leora Fridman, Michael Chang, Joanna Hoffman, Molly Bess Rector, C. Bain, Siaara Freeman, Kait Walser, M. Soledad Caballero, Tyler Gillespie, Sean Cho A., Nicole Callihan, Marina Weiss, Chelsea Williams, Juliana Gray, Ojo Taiye, Drew Pham, Molly Raynor, Aaya Perez, Kimberly Ann Southwick, Sara Brickman, Julia Gaskill, James Merenda, Liv Mammone, and Laura Brown-Lavoie.

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