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Nicole Eisenman: Another Green World Puzzle

Nicole Eisenman: Another Green World Puzzle

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In Another Green World, Nicole Eisenman depicts party goers in various states of repose after a semmingly raucous scene. Two men slow dance while other figures eat, drink, converse, lounge, cuddle, kiss, and prop each other up. Many of the characters are of indeterminate age, gender, and ethnicity. This stirring depiction of leisure contains moments of love, friendship, and contemplation. The work shares its title with the 1975 Brian Eno album, which the figure near the center of the canvas peruses. Armed with a sharp wit and keen awareness of art history - namely 19th century leisure activities, baroque group portraits, and classical bacchanalia - Eisenman offers viewers a playful but exacting take on the contemporary moment.


Dimensions of puzzle when completed: 19.25 x 26.625 inches

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