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Ann Magnuson: The Luv Show

Ann Magnuson: The Luv Show

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The Luv Show is the 14-track solo album released in 1995 (Geffen Records) by artist Ann Magnuson. The album was recorded in collaboration with the late artist Mike Kelley.

From an interview with MOCA discussing The Luv Show:

"SB: Let’s talk about the recording of The Luv Show. Mike recorded sections of album at his studio in Eagle Rock.

AM: He knew of Bongwater and I think that's why he asked me to be in Supersession. Mike did Supersession with a series of different vocalists who had been in the art world. Raymond Pettibon had been the vocalist before me. I was making music with Mike and his band here in L.A. when I got a deal with Geffen to do a solo album. So I put together a concept album that was kind of my version of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls or A Star is Born, but it’s really about love gone wrong. A small-town girl moves to Los Angeles looking for L-O-V-E, but all she gets is the simulacrum: L-U-V. It’s your archetypical hero’s journey, where the protagonist navigates through a maze of surreal obstacles, as in a dream, and ends up with that all-important redemptive wisdom as Los Angeles is consumed by flames after a hydrogen bomb explodes over the Pacific and everything is absorbed into Godhead perfection in the sequined sub-particle sky."


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