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What A Shell Can Tell

What A Shell Can Tell

$19.95    Member Price: $17.96

by Helen Scales with artwork by Sonia Pulido

A stunning, lavishly illustrated, and information-packed introduction to the wonder of shells through the art of observation - the perfect book for young explorers, collectors, and nature lovers everywhere

Award-winning marine biologist Helen Scales introduces children to the wonders of shells (from seashells to land snails) through the art of observation. Using a friendly question-and-answer format, she explores, through a richly sensory experience, the incredible diversity of shells around the world and showcases the environments molluscs inhabit. From what a shell’s shape, color, or texture can reveal about its inhabitant, to where shells are found (from the deepest seas to jungly treetops), with this book, readers can get up close with nature to observe its wonders.

Published by‎ Phaidon Press, 2022
Hardcover ‏with‎ 48 pages
6 - 9 years
12 ¾ x 10 ¼ x 2/5 inches (32.39 x 26.04 x 1.02 cm)

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