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The Spectral Vision of Gothic Romance

The Spectral Vision of Gothic Romance

$32.00    Member Price: $28.80

By Astraleyes

Bibliomancers' direct follow-up to Spell Bound, this book explores the world of witchcraft and the occult as seen through the lens of the genre “gothic romance.”

The vibrant art of vintage paperbacks featured in The Spectral Vision of Gothic Romance is similarly sourced from the depths of a personal library, bringing you what is to date the most extensive visual collection of this genre ever assembled! Get ready to drop all preconceived notions of this “women running from creepy mansions” you may have and experience the true beauty of this almost forgotten genre.

  • Bibliomancers, 2023
  • Paperback, 148 pages
  • Limited first printing, edition of 333
  • Printed in Los Angeles
  • 6 x 9 inches

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