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Takashi Homma: Royal Road Test

Takashi Homma: Royal Road Test

$37.50    Member Price: $33.75

By Takashi Homma

Inspired by the Ed Ruscha artist’s book in which Ruscha and two friends threw a typewriter out of a moving car to then document the incident in photographs.

Homma’s homage casts Yusuke Nakajima as the ‘thrower’, Yoshihisa Tanaka as the ‘driver’ and Takashi Homma as the ‘photographer’. Substituting an iMac DV Special Edition for the original typewriter, the three re-enact Ruscha’s series meticulously, including the same poses, the honest sense for the ridiculous and featuring the original book’s spiral binding design.

  • limArt, 2017
  • Ring Binding, 62 pages
  • Edition of 240
  • 9 x 6 inches

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