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Dream_Mega: Last Glacial Maximum LP

Dream_Mega: Last Glacial Maximum LP

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Recorded by Joel Kyack. Mixed by John Dwyer, Joel Kyack. Mastered by Fred Thomas.

Last Glacial Maximum is the debut full length from DREAM_MEGA, the recording project of Los Angeles-based artist/musician Joel Kyack. Across six songs, the album unfolds like a set of auditory hallucinations that are at once alien, funereal, triumphant, and life-affirming. Situated somewhere between the lysergic bedroom crunk of Black Zone Myth Chant’s “Straight Cassette,” the fourth world punk sensibilities of Sublime Frequencies and Glitterbeat Records, and the homespun terror of early Hanson Records, DREAM_MEGA’s sound is something entirely new—like Terry Riley doing Cro Mags covers using Uncle Sleazy’s gear, or God making a trap record.

  • Post Present Medium, 2023
  • Full color printed covers
  • Double sided Risograph insert
  • 11 x 11 inches
  • Edition of 400

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