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Nicole Eisenman and the Modernists: Heads, Kisses, Battles

Nicole Eisenman and the Modernists: Heads, Kisses, Battles

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by Bice Curiger, Daniel Koep, Katharina Ammann, Christina Végh PhD, Nicole Eisenman

Nicole Eisenman, born 1965 in France, lives in New York, and her work is captivating because of its fascination with the human condition, questions about interpersonal interaction, and the precise observation of processes of alienation in civilization. In her drawings, paintings, and sculptures, the artist combines elements from pop cultural contexts (political satire, comics) with traditional art historical references to form a new unity. This titles brings together works from all of Eisenman’s creative periods. Against the backdrop of her artistic practice, in which various stylistic and compositional elements of historical painting become visible alongside pop-cultural influences, the show and the book are combined with works of classical modernism from the collections of the cooperating museums. Through these selectively introduced historical works, the exhibition and the book, together with Eisenman’s oeuvre, open up a resonance space spanning a century in which social upheavals are presented in their urgency, but also with hope and confidence.

Published by‎ Snoeck Publishing Company, 2022
Paperback with 160 pages
9 x ½ x 11 inches (22.86 x 27.94 cm)

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