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Lee Lozano: Drawings 1958-64

Lee Lozano: Drawings 1958-64

$75.00    Member Price: $67.50

By Lee Lozano, Tamar Garb and Helen Molesworth

Lee Lozano: Drawings 1958-64 includes two newly commissioned essays by Helen Molesworth and Tamar Garb. “What I love about Lozano―besides the crazy, ham-fisted quality of her drawn line, pictures made with pencils that appear to have been held with a fist―is how her demonstration of the word 'connection' is not bound to any of the anodyne ways we currently use it,” writes Molesworth. “There’s nothing about 'listening' or 'building community' or 'empathy' in any of these drawings. For Lozano, connection is fraught and hairy. Connection is dangerous.”

Published by Karma Books, 2021
Hardcover with 640 pages
Dimensions: 9 x 7 1/4 inches (22.86 x 18.41 cm)

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