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Rhubarb Smoke Candle

Rhubarb Smoke Candle

$44.00    Member Price: $39.60

From the Hypernature Collection by Boy Smells, RHUBARB SMOKE illuminates new perspectives. Notes of white birch, lush ivy and wild fig intertwine with rhubarb and violet leaves to create a scent with deep roots in the past and a fruitful future. Divine papyrus, incense and brewing black tea leaves give a damp, forestral base to this best-selling scent.

Scent notes: wild fig, incense, rhubarb, tobacco, violet leaves, tanned leather, black tea, patchouli, birch
smoked papyrus

All natural white coconut and beeswax blend
Braided cotton wick
Reflective moss purple tumbler
Comes in embossed matte ombre beige carton
8.5 ounces (240g)
3 2/5 inches (8.6cm) tall
Roughly 50 hour burn timeb

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